Thursday, November 3, 2011

Introduce Military Service

Malaysia is one of the multiracial countries in the world; this is the uniqueness of our pride nation. Our country rich with flora and fauna, traditional culture, foods and etc. which is the selling point for people around the world to visit our country. Apart from that, we as Malaysian must give good image to the outside world what is Malaysia is all about. Moreover, people who have visited Malaysia will praise about the unity of our people. Unity is the major aspect of our achievement in gaining independent in 1957. 

But, in reality, we have faced a major treat since 1969 that keep worsen day by day: the communalism. Our people has been segmented by the British, hence, the communalism was reinforced when political parties started to gain advantages by organizing economic venture and cooperatives in order to make money. 

From my opinion, we have a major treat occurs from inside out of our country. We can see in most armed forces and uniform, which majority of them are Malays. We are the Chinese and Indian in our country goes? Are they doesn’t care about the security and protecting our country?  As a people of Malaysia, we have our own responsibility in protecting our country of any treat come from inside or outside the nation. 

The steps taken by our Government for implementing National Military Service in 2014 is one of the best ideas that will ensure the protection of our country and increase the unity among the youths. They will be trained in all elements of defense of military, in addition to combat operation.

 Before this, we have multiracial Federation Regiment, which is consist all races in Malaysia who fight together to protect our nation from the Communist Terrorist. But this regiment has stunted by the government, since then other races didn’t participate in the armed force. 

I agree with the statement of Lieutenant-General (RTD) Datuk Abdullah Samsuddin, there must be a leader who believe in unity and dedicate themselves to multiracial unity and harmony. Now, our Prime Minister, Dato’ seri Najib Razak has introduce to us the slogan “1 Malaysia” to unite the people in achieve the objective of Malaysia itself. 

 Thus, by introducing National Military Service in 2014, youths can realize the importance of unity and dangerous of communalism. They can build the sense of love the country, serve and protect our country as 1 strong Malaysia. 

However, the most important aspect which must be handled seriously is change the mindset among youths and older Malaysian. We step in the same soil, eat same food, and live in same community must work together as a team. Hence, we will become strong, and can defend our pride nation with dignity. 

As a conclusion, the National Military Service is good in increase our unity as one nation, and prevent communalism. I hope that by this military service, the multiracial regiment will reintroduce in our armed forces and give the Chinese and Indian a chance to protect our country together. Work as a team is important, with it; we can prevent any kinds of treat from inside and outside. As the quote taken from the movie Any Given Sunday, Al-Pacino said that “either we work as a team or die as an individual”.

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